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Professor Yoshihiro Tanaka

Informatization of tactile sensation to realize a human-friendly society
Yoshihiro Tanaka
Electrical and Mechanical Engineering mechanical-engineering

Interested in human tactile perception mechanism, we conduct a wide range of tactile research from basic research such as finger internal structure and skin characteristics to palpation system for laparoscopic surgery, rehabilitation using tactile transmission, tactile sharing system with others, tactile feeling of products. Tactile sense is the sensation that governs the boundary with the outside world through contact. It is also an extremely subjective sensation where input varies from person to person, because it is accompanied by skin characteristics and movements. If each person's tactile sense is computerized, and skills and sensibilities can be shared and designed through transmission and expansion, it will improve the accuracy and efficiency of medical and welfare, industry, comfort and security, and quality of life. We would like to continue research to clarify what each person's tactile sensation is, and leads to a sustainable, developmental and human-friendly society using tactile technology.


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