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Professor Wang Jianqing

Development of wireless monitoring technology of biological information by body area communication and wireless control technology for human-body-wearing robots
Wang Jianqing
Electrical and Mechanical Engineering Electrical and Electronic Engineering

We are researching sensing and communication technologies for body area networks for the purpose of monitoring biological information, as well as electromagnetic compatibility "EMC". Health signals can be monitored by collecting biological signals with wearable sensors attached to the human body and communicating wirelessly to the network. For in-vivo implant sensors, we will develop high-bandwidth, low-loss, high-quality image communication technology and contribute to the development of capsule endoscopes and in-body medical robots. These technologies will not only provide a quick and accurate diagnosis, but will also help to provide safe home care and prevent medical staff shortages, and it will be possible to predict in advance whether the disease will occur in the future. So far, we have succeeded in automatic collection of electrocardiogram signals by wearable sensors and wireless communication, sensing of myoelectric signals and wireless control of prosthetic robots using it. In the future, we aim to further provide cutting-edge technology suitable for collecting biometric big data for medical and healthcare.


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