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Assoc. Professor Toru Asaka

Fundamental Research leading to Breakthrough in Future Materials and Exploration of Material Properties
Assoc. Professor
Toru Asaka
Assoc. Prof. Toru Asaka
Life Science and Applied Chemistry Advanced Ceramics

We conduct research on crystal structures of materials, mainly transition metal oxides, and their correlation to electric and magnetic properties. Electric and magnetic properties of materials are strongly dependent on their crystal structures. The materials and target properties may vary depending on overall average structures or local structures such as interfaces between particles or particle surfaces. From precise evaluation of local structures by electron microscope and average structure by X-ray diffraction, we try to understand the crystal structure of functional compounds comprehensively as well as in details. We further try to find the correlation between characteristics of crystal structure and physical properties. Our research also include the visualization of physical properties in situ at varied temperature and external field. Our goal is to contribute to the discovery of new materials and physical properties from new findings gained in our research activities. 

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