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Professor Takayuki Ito

Next-generation social information system development with artificial intelligence
Takayuki Ito
Computer Science Computational Intelligence

We conduct research activities in a wide range of fields with the goal of developing social information systems for the future. Above all, I am researching artificial intelligence that supports decision making by individuals or groups. Consensus building from multiple to the majority is complex and takes a long time. Therefore, it is possible to support rational and quick decision making by using the mathematical mechanism of artificial intelligence. We are developing software that supports human group activities. In the future, we believe we can contribute widely to changes in politics and social systems. We are also researching the integration and control of multiple artificial intelligence, called distributed artificial intelligence. In the development of a multi-agent system that negotiates multiple programs and leads to consensus building, a new field of computational mechanism design, such as incorporating information science into auctions, matching, and mathematical economics based on past achievements, is being developed. Pioneered. We aim to contribute to a smart society that automatically circulates through artificial intelligence.


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