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Professor Takashi Kosaka

Development of a compact, lightweight, high-efficiency motor drive that realizes a mobile system for the near future
Takashi Kosaka
Electrical and Mechanical Engineering Electrical and Electronic Engineering

We are conducting research and development of new motors for moving vehicles such as automobiles. We conduct activities based on the current issues in the automobile industry through a network with companies, and work with materials developers such as magnets to propose how to use materials that bring out motor performance from the perspective of motor researchers. Recently, we are focusing on the development of a hybrid variable magnetic motor that can change the electromagnetic properties of the motor according to the operating conditions. In the future, we aim to halve the weight while maintaining the power of the motor by using high-performance new materials. Lighter motors contribute to the practical application of not only automobiles but also various future mobile power systems such as small airplanes. Aiming at the development of next-generation mobile systems with the key words of miniaturization, weight reduction, and high efficiency by fusing various technologies based on motors.


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