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Associate Professor Taisuke Izumi

Explore efficient algorithms for solving problems and their limitations
Associate Professor
Taisuke Izumi
Computer Science Networks

We are researching computer-based problem solving methods, so-called algorithms, and conducting mathematical analysis. Problems and challenges in the world are complex, and it is necessary to design a method for handling problems well. However, many of the problems in the real world are difficult to find the perfect solution in a realistic calculation time even with a modern high-speed computer. It is expected that it will probably not be possible. Therefore, how to find a suboptimal solution (approximate solution) in a reasonable calculation time is an important issue for practical use. When such an approach is taken, the accuracy of the solution output by the computer can be guaranteed, and the case in which the algorithm used requires a good solution is properly analyzed and analyzed. It is also important to evaluate. Elucidate the structure and principles behind the problem to be solved, formalize it in a form that can be explained, and discover new solution approaches based on the knowledge gained through this process. My research is aimed at clarifying the fundamental difficulties in solving problems with computers.


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