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Professor Shuichi Nakamura

Design for Highly functional Asymmetric Catalysts and Development of Eco-friendly Synthesis Methods
Shuichi Nakamura
Prof. Shuichi Nakamura
Assistant Director, FRIMS
Life Science and Applied Chemistry Life and Materials Chemistry

We design asymmetric catalysts used in important asymmetric synthesis for pharmaceutical drugs, agricultural chemicals and liquid crystal materials. We also develop synthetic methods for new molecular skeletons such as carbon-carbon bond and carbon-heteroatom bond formation. For the development of new asymmetric catalysts, we take a unique approach by adding heterocycles to modify inexpensive raw chemicals and improving function of catalysts. We have successfully commercialized 7 asymmetric catalysts. We have also developed catalysts which can carry the reactions useful for the synthesis of a several drug candidates. Due to high production cost, many of biologically active compounds are said to be not considered for commercialization for pharmaceutical market. Our aim is to develop catalysts which can be used for many synthesis of useful compounds by making the efficient and environment-friendly asymmetric synthesis process possible.

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