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Professor Shohei Kato

Early screening of dementia based on speech and cerebral blood flow of elderly people
Shohei Kato
Prof. Shohei Kato
Vice Director, FRIIS
Computer Science Computational Intelligence

Aiming to build a rich relationship between robots and humans, we are researching “Sensitive robots” that enable interaction with robots. The next-generation robot that should follow the success of Japanese industrial robots is considered to be one home robot per person. To that end, we believe that robot technology that creates human friendliness for robots is important, and by estimating emotions from human facial expressions and voices, we can respond accordingly. In addition, we are studying a simpler and simplified evaluation method for elderly cognitive functions. Existing question-and-answer valuation methods make it difficult to accurately assess older people who dislike or overwhelm the elderly. In contrast, a new screening method that focuses on the nonverbal features of speech of elderly people has been confirmed to have a high accuracy rate in discrimination performance experiments using speech response to cognitive tasks. By capturing cerebral blood flow data during speech, we aim to improve the safety and reliability of screening.


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