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Professor Shinya Tsukiji

Development of Next Generation Molecular Technology for
Drug Discovery
Shinya Tsukiji
Prof. Shinya Tsukiji
Life Science and Applied Chemistry Soft Materials

Human and animal cells possess different functions which are ruled by molecules including proteins. Even small defects in the molecules could cause various sicknesses. Our group conducts research on how cell functions are controlled and aims for the development of Next Generation Molecular Technology which makes the control of cell functions possible. We attempt to make contribution to medical field by preparing functional molecules which can image the specific molecule within the cell. By visualizing and comparing the behaviors of molecules in healthy and diseased cells, we investigate the cause of disease. We furthermore aim for the contribution to drug discovery by suggesting a concept for new drugs (bioregulatory compounds). By creating original and unique molecular tools, we aim for a breakthrough in Life Science, Drug Discovery and Regenerative Medicine.

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