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Assoc. Professor Masashi Kato

New Semiconductor Materials
as a Solution to Energy Problems
Assoc. Professor
Masashi Kato
Assoc. Prof. Masashi Kato
Electrical and Mechanical Engineering Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Applications of semiconductors are generally in the field of integrated circuits, light emitting diodes and so on. Emerging applications of semiconductors in recent years, however, include energy-saving devices to run car motors and energy-generating devices to convert solar light to hydrogen energy. For those new applications, conventional semiconductor materials are not able to show their performance, and therefore, development of new materials is in demand. New materials such as silicon carbide (SiC) and gallium nitride (GaN) are suitable for those new applications, but they are still large rooms for material qualities. We are developing the characterization methods suitable for new semiconductor materials to improve material qualities and energy-saving, and -generating capabilities. With those activities, we aim to provide a solution for energy-related problems.

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