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Professor Masanobu Nakayama

New Material Development Approach for Fast Discovery of
Novel Battery Materials
Masanobu Nakayama
Prof. Masanobu Nakayama
Life Science and Applied Chemistry Advanced Ceramics

We search for novel materials and functional analysis for Lithium batteries and fuel cells. We extend our research activities in both calculations and experiments. Research on Material Science is traditionally centered around functional analysis, however, we take the knowledge from Information Science, combine Big data with Materials Development, and search for novel battery and storage materials. It takes decades to commercialize new products from materials to device development. To challenge this current situation, we focus on how efficiently and reasonably we can estimate the suitable materials, and attempt to generate the new ideas to decrease the time for materials search and property prediction. We plan to create sophisticated methods based on AI and suggest novel materials and try to contribute to the development of battery with high capacity and high functionality for the fields in Electric vehicles and Environment and Energy.

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