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Professor Masaaki Haneda

Catalyst Development for
Clean Air Environment and
Chemicals Production from
Natural Gas
Masaaki Haneda
Prof. Masaaki Haneda
Life Science and Applied Chemistry Advanced Ceramics

Our research is on catalysts for purifying exhaust gases from automobile engines as an example. We focus on the automotive catalysts for gasoline and diesel engines and aim to develop highly active and advanced catalysts by elucidating the phenomenon from fundamental principles of catalytic reaction. We also conduct research on the catalyst which makes the direct conversion of methane, a primal component of natural gas, to ethane and ethylene as useful raw chemicals, possible. Indirect conversion technology currently in use has a problem with low energy efficiency and the process is rather complex. Oxidative coupling of methane (OCM), which needs novel catalytic development, would increase the energy efficiency and simplify the process. It is also believed to become a solution for sustainable supply of energy and raw chemicals. We conduct our research to gather insight into the essential of catalysis by using an infrared (IR) spectroscopy following the adsorption of probe molecules on catalyst surface. We aim for the development of novel catalytic materials by using the scientific knowledges and working together with researchers outside of our field.

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