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Professor Koichi Hayashi

Atomic-Resolution Holography for Materials Functional Analysis and
New Materials Development
Koichi Hayashi
Prof. Koichi Hayashi
Assistant Director, FRIMS
Physical Science and Engineering Materials Function and Design

We study atomic-scale structures of materials with atomic-resolution holography, which uses x-ray, neutron and electron beams. The atomic resolution holography makes the atomic arrangements around dopants in materials three-dimensionally visible. Dopants in materials play an important role of giving the material functions. To understand how the dopant is incorporated into the overall structure is therefore indispensable information for designing materials. The use of atomic-resolution holography could provide a clue for creating new functional materials, because it visualizes the structure which has not been known before. Although we have studied mostly inorganic materials such as superconductors and magnetic semiconductors, we are challenging to extend our target to proteins. Our aim is contribution to improvements and developments of various materials by understanding mechanisms of their functions.

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