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Professor Ken-ichi Kakimoto

Electroceramics as Solutions for Environmental and Energy Issues and IoT and Sensor Technology in Future
Ken-ichi Kakimoto
Prof. Ken-ichi Kakimoto
Director, FRIMS
Life Science and Applied Chemistry Advanced Ceramics

We have developed the advanced Lead-free Niobate-based materials to eliminate the use of Lead from piezoelectric ceramics as sensor and actuator materials. By taking the advantage of material characteristics, we are interested in different applications. We are working with industrial partner for the application in high-temperature and high-pressure piezoceramic devices. We are also currently developing energy harvesting material with international project partner for the future IoT and sensor network society. In future, the demand for new energy source to operate battery-free sensors is going to increase. To realize the self-support energy source which can be used in various situations, we are conducting research on the organic composite flexible materials for vibration-energy harvester and low-temperature Thermoelectric conversion materials for thermal management. We combine electroceramics with vibrations exist in environment or thermoelectric conversion function to connect to the advanced technologies for sustainable energy and environmental protection.

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