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Associate Professor Atsushi Sato

Development of a new lightweight steel structure that meets Japanese needs
Associate Professor
Atsushi Sato
Architecture, Civil Engineering and Industrial Management Engineering Architecture and Design

In Japan, building structure systems place importance on seismic performance, and most of them are heavy steel frames using thick plates. In contrast, in Europe and the United States, lightweight steel frames with thin plates that are quick and low in cost are the mainstream, but their use in Japan is relatively inactive due to the impression that their earthquake resistance is poor. Therefore, we are trying to expand the practical application to medium- and low-rise buildings in Japan by devising a thin sheet of lightweight steel frame and trying to develop a thin but strong material and structural system. Components with performance comparable to planks will reduce weight and also material costs by reducing the amount of iron used. I also believe that reducing the weight of components will lead to a shorter construction period and lower construction costs. In addition, the use of parts with dimensions that have never existed expaneds possibilities for new designs. We will verify the safety through performance analysis and full-scale experiment of the material composed of thin plates. We are actively engaged in joint activities with overseas research institutes and aim to develop international projects. Steel structures still have great potential for development.


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