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Professor Akimasa Hirata

Solving social problems through the fusion of computer simulation and machine learning
Akimasa Hirata
Electrical and Mechanical Engineering Electrical and Electronic Engineering

We will approach the social problem of how to make people's surroundings safe and secure from the multidisciplinary field of computational simulation. By integrating the physical quantity generated in the human body by the physical load such as electromagnetic field and heat and the physiological response induced by it and modeling it on a computer, it is possible to predict and solve ethically difficult problems in the medical field and so on. For example, we have developed a heat stroke risk management system that links human body temperature prediction technology with weather information, realized personalized treatment through simulations using medical images of each patient, and contributed to a shortage of doctors and an aging society. We are conducting research activities such as technical support for automated medical care and designing a wireless charging system that considers the radio environment around us. In the future, we believe that it will be possible to develop a new treatment approach for a small number of cases by combining the knowledge gained by simulation and machine learning. Through cross-sectional research with experts in each field, we aim to contribute to solving various social problems.


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