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Frontier Research Institute for Materials Science

Frontier Research Institutefor Materials Science

Promotion of problem-solving engineering education

Foster global research leaders with internationalism, broad perspectives and excellent research abilities including the creation of innovation, and who can play active roles in industry, academia and government.

Creation of new fields through integrated research of physics, chemistry and biology

Contribute to industrial development by deepening science and the creation of innovative techniques for developing next-generation materials and substances.

Formation of international research bases

Create innovative materials for the applications in systems & devices.

Research Fields

Green Research Field

Cultivation of pioneering environmental remediated & improved materials and low environmental load processes

Energy Research Field

Advancement of energy conversion materials that form the core of fuel cells, next-generation cells, solar batteries, and thermoelectric conversion elements

Healthcare Research Field

Surface design of materials for controlling bio-interfaces

Research education units

●Membrane Science Research Unit

Cultivation of nano-tune science that aims to design a high functional membrane structure


●Hybrid Science Research Unit

Creation of innovative biomaterials, environmental materials, and functional materials for which hetero-interface processing is utilized


●OptoBioTechnology Research Unit

Creation of new materials and substances from or modeled after living things by understanding the nature of light and photoexcitation phenomena


●Computational Science Research Unit

Design of innovative high-functional materials

●Multi-Energy Innovation Research Unit

Establishment of a system to create and utilize total energy

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