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Frontier Research Institute for Information Science

Keiichi Tokuda Director, Frontier Research Institute for Information Science


Frontier Research Institute for Information Science (FRIIS) conducts information science research from basic theory to applied technology with the aim of creating innovative information technology by fusing information science and various academic fields. In addition to basic technologies such as calculation algorithms, deep learning, visual information processing, spoken language information processing, tactile information processing, we are promoting creative researches with a wide range of fields such as biological signals, hardware, social systems, nursing / medical care, architecture, materials, etc., which leads to breakthroughs.


Promotion of problem-solving engineering education

Develop global research leaders possessing international viewpoints, broad perspectives and research abilities for various skills and social trends, whose strengths include the creation of innovation, and who can play active roles in industry, academia and government.

Creation of information technologies

A safe and secure society and well-off life based on the integration of information science and other various academic fields

Formation of international research bases

Create innovative information science and develop applied technologies


FRIIS Members


Keiichi TOKUDA, Prof.

Vice director 

Shohei KATO, Prof.

Core Members 

Jianqing WANG, Prof.

Ichiro TAKEUCHI, Prof.

Akimasa HIRATA, Prof.

Takashi KOSAKA. Prof.

Atsushi SATO, Assoc. Prof.

Yoshihiro TANAKA, Prof.

Yoshihiko NANKAKU, Assoc. Prof.

Norishige FUKUSHIMA, Assoc. Prof.

Fields of study

Life Support Research Field

Creates novel information science to support a safe and secure life for human

Social Computing Research Field

Creates information science to build an inclusive society that is stable and active

Research education units

●Social System Research Unit

Develops an automatic consensus-building technology with diverse values.


●Voice System Research Unit

Develops voice interactive technology without depending on differences in speakers’ characteristics.


●Visual System Research Unit

Develops a visual support technology that reinforces human vision by uniting physiology and visual information processing.


●Life System Research Unit

Develops a life support technology based on the physical activity support system and brain wave interface.


●Innovation Research Unit

Research and Development on Socio-Economic Systems for Steadily Generating Innovations to Sustain Prosperous Society


●Infrastructure Research Unit

Designs Safe, Comfortable and Sustainable Infrastructures


●Electric and Machine Device Research Unit

Electric and Machine Device Developments for Comfortable Daily Life, including Motor Devices

●Big Data Research Unit

Develops Methods for Big Data Analyses in the Field of Sciences and Technologies


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