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【Closed】 Nov. 5-6, 2015 FRIIS Kick-off Symposium

On November 5th and 6th, 2015, Frontier Research Institute for Information Science (FRIIS) Kick-off Symposium was held at Nagoya Institute of Technology (NITech).  The main theme of this symposium was "Frontiers in data-driven science and technology: Recent advances in machine learning and applications". President Ukai of NITech opend the symposium with his greeting, and fourteen invited researchers, starting with Associate Professor Marco Cuturi from Kyoto University, gave their lectures. We hope the participants, from NITech and other organizations, had enjoyed this symposium as a meaningful occasion for their research exchange and lively discussions.

  • Professor Takeuchi from NITech

  • Professor Ukai, the president of NITech

  • Associate Professor Marco Cuturi, from Kyoto University

FRIIS Kick-off Symposium Schedule (PDF)

  • bnr_nitech
  • bn_NITech_FAU_liaison_office 
  • Japanese-German Graduate Externship

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