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FRIIS Symposium 2020 was held

On Saturday, November 28, 2020, the "Frontier Research Institute for Information Science (FRIIS) Symposium 2020" was held in collaboration with Workshop on Informatics 2020 (WiNF2020).

Every year, the FRIIS symposium is held in three parts: "Fusion Research Lecture", "Role Model Lecture *", and "M1 Interim Presentation (Poster Presentation)". This year, to prevent the spread of COVID-19, the symposium was held online and focused on "M1 interim presentation", co-sponsored by WiNF2020.

* Role model lecture: A lecture by a graduate of Nagoya Institute of Technology who has completed the doctoral program and is active in companies, etc.

A wide range of research presentations were made by undergraduate and doctoral students, mainly students in the first year of the master's program who belong to the FRIIS members' laboratories.


1. Short presentation session: 50 presentations

2. Research paper presentation session: 6 prsentations


In addition, participants including presenters voted, and a total of 6 excellent presenters were selected, including 1 from research paper presentation session and 5 from short presentation session.


[Research paper presentation session]

Seiichi HARADA


[Short presentation session]




Takatoshi NIWA



At a later date, at the "Frontier D Meeting" held on December 2nd (Wednesday) (at Hall 4 of Building 4), an award ceremony was held for excellent presenters, and a certificate of commendation and a supplementary prize were presented by Prof. Tokuda, FRIIS Director.



(From left, Yabugami FRIIS Coordinator, Prof. Keiichi TOKUDA <FRIIS Director>, Shunta ISHIZUYA, Takatoshi NIWA, Seiichi HARADA, Shoya FURUKAWA, Koya IHARA, Prof. Shohei KATO <FRIIS Deputy Director>)


Thank you to all the presenters.

Also, congratulations to all the excellent presenters!


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