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Vincenzo Piluso, Ph.D.


Title at NITech

Professor  (July – August, 2018)

Affiliations, Institution or University

Department of Civil Engineering, University of Salerno, Italy


Full Professor at the Department of Civil Engineering (DiCiv), University of Salerno; Dr. Piluso was the President of the Civil Engineering Educational Council of DiCiv for the three year period 2013-2015 and under his guide BSc and MSc Courses on Civil Engineering, BSc and MSc Courses on Civil and Environmental Engineering, and MSc Course on Building Engineering and Architecture gained the ENAEE (European Network for Accreditation of Engineering Education) qualification – from December 10th 2015. Dr Piluso is now the Director of the Civil Engineering Department of the University of Salerno. In January 2018, under his guide as Director, the Department of Civil Engineering has won the title of Department of Excellence in Scientific and Technological Research being classified by the Italian Ministry of Education, Research and University (MIUR) in the first ten national university departments on Civil Engineering and Architecture. As result of this selection and of the proposed research project, the Department of Civil Engineering received an additional grant of € 10500000.

Full Member of ECCS (European Convention for Constructional Steelwork) Technical Committee TC13 "Seismic Design" since 1994; Dr. Piluso is a member of the Working Group CEN/TC250/SC8-WG2 on "Steel Structures" for the revision of Eurocode EN-1998-1-1 on the Design of Structures in Seismic Zones, member of the Working Group CEN/TC250/SC3-WG1.8 on "Eurocode 3: Design of Steel Structures – Part 1.8 Design of Joints", a member of the Project Team CEN/TC250/SC9-PT3 on “Eurocode 9: Design of Aluminium Structures”.

Author of more than 300 papers in International Refereed Journals and International and National Conferences; – Dr. Piluso’s research activity in the field of seismic engineering and steel connections has been internationally recognized as testified by the publication of the books "Theory and Design of Seismic Resistant Steel Frames" (co-authored by Prof. F.M. Mazzolani: E & FN Spon, London, 1996) and "Structural Steel Semirigid Connections" (co-authored by C. Faella and G. Rizzano, CRC Press, Florida, U.S.A, 2000).

Principal investigator of many research projects among them: PRIN 2003 (UniSA UR) "Steel-Concrete Composite Buildings: modelling, analysis and performance based design"; RELUIS 2006-2008 WP5: "Development of Innovative Design Approaches for Steel and Steel-Concrete Composite Structures" RU 6 "Seismic Response and Design Rules for Steel-Concrete Composite Bridges"; RELUIS 2010-2013 WP2: “Steel and Composite Structures” – Task 2.1 "Design Criteria and Methodologies for Predicting the Ultimate Behaviour of Beam-to-Column Connections and Column-Base Connections under Seismic Actions"; RELUIS 2014-2016 (Network of Seismic Engineering Laboratories) Research Line N. 1: "General Themes" Line Steel “Beam-to-Column Connections and of Column-Base Connections”; FREEDAM (2015-2018) "Free from Damage Steel Connections", European Commission Grant Agreement RFSR-CT-2015-00022. European Research Project EQUALJOINTS-PLUS, RFCS Research Found for Coal and Steel.



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