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Thomas Hain, Ph.D.

 Title at NITech

Professor (March 2018- May 2018)

Affiliation, Institution & University

Speech and Audio Technology at the University of Sheffield, UK


Thomas Hain is Professor for Speech and Audio Technology at the University of Sheffield, UK, and a member of the Speech and Hearing and Machine Learning research groups.  He holds a `Dipl.-Ing' in Electrical and Communication Engineering from the University of Technology, Vienna, and a PhD in Information Engineering from Cambridge University.  He joined Philips Speech Processing in 1994, where he left as Senior Technologist.  He moved to the Cambridge University Engineering Department in 1997 and was then appointed to Lecturer(2001).  Follow-on stages were a move to Sheffield University (2004), Lead of Machine Intelligence for Natural Interfaces group (2009), Professor (2013), Head of Speech and Hearing Research group (2016) and Head of the Voicebase Centre for Speech and Language Technology (2018).  Prof. Hain is active in several editorial and chairmanship roles, including Technical Chair of Interspeech 2019, and has lead more than 20 research projects.  His research intere  st are machine learning methods that can operate with real world data, with emphasis on recognition processes.


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