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Susel Fernández Melián, Ph.D.


Title at NITech

Assistant Professor (June-November, 2015)

Affiliation, Institution or University

Lecturer/Researcher, University of Alcala (Spain)


Susel Fernandez received her Bachelor in Computer Science degree from the University of Oriente in Santiago de Cuba, and her Ph.D. from the University of Alcala in Madrid, Spain.

She worked as a lecturer and research staff in the Telematic Services Engineering research group and in the Electronic Engineering Applied to Renewable Energy Systems research group at the University of Alcala. Her teaching activities at the University of Alcala focused in the courses of Network Architectures within the Telecommunication, Communication electronic, and Telematic engineering degrees.

Her research interest focuses on computer networks and applications in artificial intelligence, especially knowledge based systems, ontologies, semantic web and multi-agent systems.

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