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Narayanan Tharangattu Narayanan, Dr.


Title at NITech

Associate Professor (1st Nov. 2019 – 28th Nov. 2019)

Affiliation, Institution or University

Tata Institute of Fundamental Research-Hyderabad, India



Major Field:

Surface Science and Interface Engineering

Topics of Joint Research:

Electrochemical studies of materials

Classes in Charge at NITech:

Dr. Narayanan Group at Tata Institute of Fundamental Research-Hyderabad, India, focuses on the development of functional mesoscopic interfaces, and probing the novel and unprecedented phenomena emanating from these junctions. Development of novel interfaces from 1D, 2D and 3D nanomaterials is one of the key research focuses. Combinatorial multi-stacking of nanomaterials can make energy efficient solids those will be useful in energy and environmental technologies.


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