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Anthony L. B. Maçon, Ph.D.


Title at NITech

Assistant Professor (2015-2017)

Cooperative Institution

Imperial College London (UK)


Anthony Maçon is an assistant professor in the department of frontier materials at Nagoya Institute of Technology. He conducted his PhD in the Department of Materials of Imperial College London under Prof. Julian R. Jones' supervision. His main research focuses on the development of new inorganic/organic hybrid materials, manufacturing processes and characterisation techniques for tissue engineering and regenerative medicine applications. Anthony has developed a great interest in understanding and controlling the chemical and physical properties of ORMOSIL (organically modified silicate glass) through the design of bespoke polymers permitting covalent interaction between the organic and inorganic phases at the atomic scale.

Major Field: Inorganic/orgnaic hybrids, control polymerisation, Biomaterials.

Topics of Joint Research: Hybrids science

Classes in Charge at NITech:Environmenta/Ceramic/Materials Seminar 2&4


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