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Abdul Sattar, Ph.D.

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Title at NITech

Professor (June 2016)

Affiliation, Institution & University

Professor and Founding Director, Institute for Integrated Intelligent Systems, Griffith University, Australia


Major Field:
Knowledge representation and reasoning, constraint satisfaction, intelligent scheduling, rational agents, propositional satisfiability, temporal reasoning, temporal databases, and bioinformatics.

Topics of Joint research:
Collaboration in knowledge representation and reasoning, constraint satisfaction, intelligent scheduling, rational agents


A thought-leader in the space of Artificial Intelligence and Computer Science, Professor Abdul Sattar successfully established the Institute for Integrated and Intelligent Systems (IIIS), a cross-disciplinary research centre at Griffith University, and was appointed as its founding director in 2003. Since then he has been providing both academic and management leadership both across Griffith University and beyond.  The growth of the centre in terms of prestige, international recognition and several performance metrics including the number of publications and HDR completions has been, at least in part, a testament to the energy, academic rigour and industry engagement of its leadership.

As the Director of IIIS, Professor Sattar develops and implement on a continual basis its operational plans to effectively advance the vision and strategic objectives of Griffith University. At the same time he has continued to build upon his track record as a research intensive academic, resulting in the publication of over 200 research papers, and successful graduation of about 25 PhD students, with 10 research awards won by the research team under his direct leadership.  During his tenure at Griffith he has received many nationally competitive grant schemes, including 8 major ARC funded projects. He has forged links with NICTA and other funding bodies in our space, and played a key role in founding NICTA’s Queensland Research Laboratory (QRL). Professor Sattar was also a Principal Researcher in the successful bid for the CRC Smart Internet.  His efforts have allowed IIIS to create partnerships with other areas of excellence at Griffith, playing a pivotal role in such ground-breaking areas as socially-useful robotics, bioinformatics in biosecurity and computational proteomics.

As an Education leader, Professor Sattar championed a single school of ICT across Griffith campuses to ensure uniform quality of degree programs, and successfully handled the resulting cultural and structural changes, and related issues with difficult personalities and conflicts. He led establishment of enhanced and rigorous research training program within IIIS.

A leader in his area of expertise, he contributes to the development of his field as the Steering Committee Chair of Pacific Rim International Conference in Artificial Intelligence Series (PRICAI), Executive Member of the Australian Computer Society (ACS) National Committee on Artificial Intelligence, General Chair of several national and international conferences including AI 2007, AI 2013, PRIMA 2010 and PRICAI 2010, as well as Conference Program Committee Chairs for AI 1997, AI2006, PRICAI 2002 and TIME 2003.

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