Top  »   August 03, 2016 【14:45-15:45 FRIIS Seminars 】 Dr. Mathieu Blondel (NTTコンピュータサイエンス研究所)

August 03, 2016 【14:45-15:45 FRIIS Seminars 】 Dr. Mathieu Blondel (NTTコンピュータサイエンス研究所)

Room 611B, 6th floor in Bldg.2, NITech

Skeaker : Dr. Mathieu Blondel (NTTコンピュータサイエンス研究所)

Organizer: Prof. Ichiro Takeuchi ( Frontier Research Institute for Information Science, NITech)



Polynomial Networks and Factorization Machines: New Insights and Efficient Training Algorithms



Polynomial networks and factorization machines are two recently-proposed models that can efficiently use feature interactions in classification and regression tasks. In this paper, we revisit both models from a unified perspective.

Based on this new view, we study the properties of both models and propose new efficient training algorithms. Key to our approach is to cast parameter learning as a low-rank symmetric tensor estimation problem, which we solve by multi-convex optimization. We demonstrate our approach on regression and recommender system tasks.


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