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The Frontier Research Institutes consist of two institutes; one is "Frontier Research Institute for Materials Science (FRIMS)," which promotes research on green energy and healthcare research, and the other is "Frontier Research Institute for Information Science (FRIIS)," which promotes research on life support and social computing.

The aim of both institutes is to create outstanding research results by promoting not only the competence of individual faculty members who have been selected, but also integration of research by teams and leading research in collaboration with two institutes.
We also focuse on efforts to produce tough doctoral human resources who have acquired project manager capabilities and international responsiveness.

By actively inviting researchers from overseas affiliated universities, our institutes hold special seminars and develope collaborative research guidance programs for doctoral students.



Kenichi Kakimoto,  Director, Frontier Research Institutes

Aims of Frontier Research Insititutes



Promotion of Educational Research Program for Doctoral Course

Foster global research leaders with global and broad perspectives and excellent research abilities including the creation of innovation, and who can play active roles in industry, academia and government. 



Formation of International Research bases

Create innovative materials for the applications in systems & devices.


Frontier Research Institutes


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