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Kenichi Kakimoto
  Director, Frontier Research Institute for Materials Science
Keiichi Tokuda
  Director, Frontier Research Institute for Information Science

The NITech Frontier Research Institutes for Materials Science and Information Science, based on our research activities, has been organized to foster new global leaders. The objectives of the institutes are to create innovations in the fields of energy, healthcare and computer-related technology through international joint researches, and to promote advanced engineering education through the integration of research and education, for developing industries and communities.
The Frontier Research Institute for Materials Science promotes green, energy and healthcare researches, and the Frontier Research Institute for Information Science promotes life support and social computing researches.

NITech Frontier Research Institutes

NITech Frontier Research Institutes

Purpose of Frontier Research Institutes

To strengthen this Institute’s research education function, the Frontier Research Institute for Materials Science and Frontier Research Institute for Information Science shall be established as an interdisciplinary and integrated research education organizations based on international industry-academia-government cooperation,understanding that materials and information are important basic fields of study for innovation (in the Energy and Healthcare Fields), and on excellent research results from respective fields of this Institute.

The purposes of these Frontier Research Institutes are to promote international joint research through the invitation of Academic Unit Members, to create a driving force for innovation with the Energy, Healthcare, and Intellectual Technology fields to develop global research leaders with broad perspectives, full of originality, and globally competitive research abilities who can play active roles in industry, academia and government by promoting engineering education that integrates research and education, and to contribute to regional and industrial development.

Invitation of research education units

This is to conduct joint research by inviting Visiting Professors & Researchers of the Academic Unit Cooperation Program according to research groups from overseas universities.
This aims to rotate human resources, and establish a global research network.

Functions & roles of Frontier Research Institutes

Human resources development

Development of problem-solving, advanced human resources in science and engineering by integrating research and education

  • To cultivate broad perspectives of various technologies and social trends, full of originality, and globally competitive research abilities
  • Collaboration research and dissertation research together with research education units
  • Sending system to research institutes inside and outside Japan: Encouragement sending researchers to acquire skills and long-term dispatch of researchers for joint research

Education at graduate schools and improvement of the relevant systems
Implementation of the certificate program of the Frontier Research Institutes

  • Lectures by researchers from research education units (Visiting Professors and Project Professors) (special exercise by research education units)
  • Organizing of mini-lecture & seminars and international symposia by utilizing overseas satellite office and by inviting lecturers
  • Preparation of graduate school-level common teaching materials

Promotion of research

  • Development of new fields & unification of fields that lead to the creation of innovation
  • Invitation of research education units from overseas, and promotion of joint researches in cooperation

Acquisition & promotion of important research projects

  • Promotion of Basic Science, Applied Science, Innovation Science
  • Development and promotion of interdisciplinary research
  • Exchange of inter-field information
  • Strengthening of young researchers’ research abilities

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